About Us

Hello, we are the Wards. My husband and I used to be too busy to monitor our children’s school works. I was a full-time teacher who usually brought work to my home. My husband was and still is an office worker, usually home late at night. Both of us were too busy that we didn’t notice our children were falling behind on their studies due to bullying in school. Not only that, our careers also made it almost impossible for the family to bond. Soon, my sons’ teachers talked to be their declining performances. When I asked Brian and Joseph, they said they don’t want to go back to the school. They preferred to stay at home. That’s when I realized they needed me more than ever. My husband was earning enough to support the family, so I told him I’ll try homeschooling the boys.

Homeschooling is a better option for those parents who want to maximize their time with their family, and feel safe about what their children are learning. So, I decided to take up a part-time home-based job and homeschool and monitor my children’s education better.

Now, homeschooling isn’t easy. I experience a lot of rough times. The planning of the courses takes time. I used the public school’s course outline, but I have to change a lot of the activities. I also have to balance Brian and Joseph’s class schedule as they are from different grades. I have been facing are a lot of other struggles. However, I have managed to overcome them slowly.

To those who want to homeschool their children too, you don’t have to undergo the same struggles I’ve undergone. I want to be able to help as many people give quality education to their children through homeschooling. That’s why I started this blog. Here, you will find tips and tutorials. Hopefully, I’ll be able to help guide you make homeschooling a little easier.