Cooking Class with the Whole Family

Today, my husband and I decided we’ll teach our children how to cook. It’s sort of a home economics class. We want them to be able to cook for themselves without having to rely on canned food or the yellow pages of the phone book when they grow up. Like reiterate, it makes me a bit sad that parents nowadays are themselves, too busy to cook for their kids. And in the end, the kids don’t learn how to take care of themselves once they leave the protection of their home. My kids may be boys, but I still want them to learn how to cook. Joseph, for one, showed great interest in cooking, volunteering to cut up the meat while our Brian washes the vegetables.

It was a fun activity for us, as again, we bonded over something that may seem small. However, we know that it’s something that’ll help them in the long run.

For a start, you can teach them simple cooking skills like how to make an omelet or how to fry meat. You can also start teaching them how to make desserts like cookies. If you’re teaching them how to cut vegetables, make sure that you are giving them proper guidance. You don’t want accidents to happen. Make sure that your recipes go from the easiest to the hardest. Don’t overwhelm your kids with a complex recipe.

Don’t be afraid to teach your kids new things. You’ll never know, they might find themselves gravitating towards that as a career. If possible, teach your kids any trade that will make their lives as adults easier.

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