A Short Camping Guide for Homeschooled Children

Today, I decided to reward my kids’ hard work. I finally allowed us to have camping, but just on the vacant lot across the house. I thought maybe it will teach them the value of preparation and resourcefulness. I gave them an hour to gather all the things they will need for a one-night camping (without any type of electronics, of course) because once the time is up, no one is allowed to enter the house, not even for a bathroom break.

They were so excited; they gathered their first aid kits, their ready-to-eat canned food, tents, and sleeping bags. I was surprised that no one tried to sneak in an electronic device underneath their bag. Take note parents: if you show trust in your kids, chances are, they’ll try their best not to break that trust.

Try camping out with your kids. It’ll give them a sense of what the world is at night. You’ll be able to teach them about how animals move at night, something much better than just reading about it in books. Then, if the night is clear, you can study the stars and teach them about heavenly bodies like the constellation, asteroids, etc. You don’t even have to stay out for too long. You can just light a bonfire and have them enjoy Smores. You can heat marshmallows too, explaining the chemical changes that happen once you introduce heat to sugar.

Don’t be afraid of getting dirty for the sake of learning. In the end, what they’ll learn greatly outweighs everything else.

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