Lessons You Should Always Include in Homeschooling Course Plan

Part of parenting is educating our kids, and what’s a better to do it than homeschooling? You get to spend time with them and monitor their learning at the same time. If you don’t have any modules that could help you in instructing your children, however, you may be facing serious problems. To help you out, here are just some of the subjects and lessons you should never leave out when teaching.


Have them read at least a chapter every day of book called The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. It is a sad and humbling story of Wang Lung and his wife O-lan, and how they first started with nothing, gained a lot, only to lose it once again. It is a story that depicts the hardships that will try their marriage, and how he nearly ends up buying a concubine. It’ll teach your kids the virtue of patience, and hard work.


Have them practice the essential operations by using common household items or do it while you’re all doing household chores. It not only makes it less intimidating, it makes it a bit more fun for them. Being able to interact with daily items that they’ll use will make learning less of a chore.

Physical Education

Have them play around, kids love to run around the house. It helps them become a lot healthier by burning away some of the excess energy they have. You can also organize games where your children compete against each other, or with you.

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